South African trans woman, gay man found dead in same area – hate crime feared

Vuyisa Dayisi, aka “Norizana”

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Neighbors discovered the body of Vuyisa Dayisi, aka “Norizana”, a trans woman living in Duncan Village, South Africa, the morning after they heard a struggle the previous night. They mistook the noise for a racket from a strong windstorm.

Dayisi was found with her pants down, genitals exposed and signs of molestation. Other surface wounds were reported by witnesses. Some personal belongings were found some distance away from the body. She reportedly left a tavern very late that previous night but was well-known to everyone.

Two days later, a gay man, Thembile, was found shot in the head near where Dayisis was found. He still had his wallet and cellphone.

The police have confirmed both killings and are investigating the incidents, however, there is very little additional information available at this writing, now some three weeks after the first body was found.

Reports say Dayisi was highly regarded by her friends. People at her funeral spoke of her kindness and generosity and her participation in advocacy for minorities. With the discovery of the second body however, people fear the deaths were hate crimes.

[Trigger Warning] Neighbours hear only wind as DV man dies.

Vuyisa Dayisi, aka “Norizana”


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7 replies

  1. So much for the “New South Africa” being accepting. *sigh*

  2. Horrible! One more for TDOR. Thank you, though, for posting Lexie. We must stay aware of the dangers to us just because of who we are. However, we must stay visible and vigilant and cry out for justice when these attacks occur. We have a right to be here and to be proud of how we got here!

  3. If he had male genitals and no plans for surgery, then he was a man. Transsexuals cannot help their birth defect, but transgenderism is an unnecessary choice that inspires some bigots to commit violence. If I had the chosen lifestyle of transgenderism, I would give it up because I love myself and my bdoy too much to waste it living a lie and pretending I am what I am not and provoking others to commit violence. So my respect only goes to women born with the birth defect of transsexualism, not men who practice the chosen lifestyle of recreational transgenderism. I think it is funny when people cut the genitals off of non-op TGs who pretend to be TSs and women. It is those men who set actual TSs up for violence, turn others against them, trivialize them, and steal our rights to live fully as mainstream, non-LGBT, non-TG, cisgendered female women.

    • In the first place, it is not a choice. Secondly, nobody should be subject to violence regardless of gender identity. As for rights, EVERYBODY has rights, not just non-LGBT, non-TG, cis gendered females.

      One wonders how you are going to determine which people to “respect”? Are you going to do a pants check to see if they meet your criteria? Do I need to check YOUR pants to see if you’re an actual cis female?

  4. If Dayisi had a penis, wanted to keep it, and used it to have sex, then he was a MAN. There is not a woman alive, true-transsexual or otherwise who wants to have a penis permanently attached to her body. The inborn desire to keep, obtain, or have a penis permanenly attached is part of being a man. Every TS who gets surgery has already had her feminine inner identity and being since before birth. Every TG “MtF” is a man who lives as a woman wrongly in defiance of his masculine nature. So was this a TS woman or a TG man (“trans’woman'”)?

  5. I believe you have a preoccupation with penises. Besides the fact that many can’t afford SRS, your logic requires pants check, and that would include an inspection of yours to make sure you are indeed a cis woman.


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